Ultimate Grizzly Bear Adventure

Get up close with this ultimate grizzly bear experience! The trip begins in a fast, comfortable boat traveling at high speed to the remote boat-access-only coast of mainland BC.

Wild grizzly bears, British Columbia



    Per Person
  Boat Tour
  Stay and Play (details below) $449
  Prices in Canadian dollars.  

When you reach Bute Inlet (the trip through BC’s famed Discovery Islands is half the experience) you’ll explore upland along the Orford River by van on your way to the secure perch of specially designed bear viewing platforms, situated along the river for maximum bear observation.

'Stay and Play' Package

  • $449 per person
  • 2 nights in the Heriot Bay Inn
  • Full day of grizzly bear viewing

This package is based on double occupancy & is subject to availability; plus grizzly conservation fee and applicable taxes.

Reservations are needed to guarantee your seat... call today!
1-888-605-4545 (toll-free)

You'll have a rare chance to witness the ancient autumn ritual of grizzly bears feasting on spawning salmon in the Orford River in Bute Inlet. The viewing success in the Orford River Valley has been 100%! The bear viewing platforms offer security so you can fully enjoy this view into the lives of these great bears in their natural habitat. The panoramic river views are magnificent. Three hours are spent in the river valley at different bear viewing platforms observing this west coast rainforest landscape and its regal residents, the grizzly bear, fattening up on salmon in preparation for a cold British Columbia winter.

Your specially trained bear viewing guide takes every precaution, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this epic experience. Guides are licensed and trained to carry firearms in order to ensure guest safety and protection, and they do.

Heated, covered boats take you cruising in comfort! After bear viewing enjoy a box lunch. The Ultimate Grizzly Bear Viewing Adventure is topped off with the cruise back through the glacial-tinged magesty of Bute Inlet and the picturesque Discovery Islands.

Bear Tour DetailsWild grizzly bears, British Columbia
The Grizzly Bear Viewing Expedition is approximately six hours long and is available from September 1 through October.

Stay & Play
Plan an island vacation and combine your bear viewing expedition with a stay on beautiful Quadra Island, the most convenient of the Northern Gulf Islands just a 10 minute ferry ride from Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC.

P.S. – There are no grizzly bears on Quadra Island! But there are lots of grizzly bears on the adjacent mainland coast of Canada, which is where we travel to!

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