Coastal Wildlife or Tidal Rapids Adventure Tour

This tour explores some of the fastest flowing ocean rapids in the world. 'Breathtaking' and 'amazing' are how some guests have described this tour.

We explore Arran Rapids, Yuculta Rapids, Devil's Hole and more. Cruising through the Discovery Islands archipelago we spy outpost


wildife and/or tidal rapids tours– 2016

   four hour tours; snack included Adult
  coastal wildlife -- covered boat
$165 $130
  coastal wildlife -- zodiac $129 $115
  tidal rapids -- zodiac $149 $135

communities as well as huge remote summer homes, beautiful scenery, and a wealth of marine life.

Choose from an exhilarating Zodiac tour or a comfy enclosed boat with viewing deck. Check out the Photo Gallery for images of the boats.Bald Eagle

Call for departure times & availability (toll-free) 1-888-605-4545

The upswelling and mixing created by the fearsome rapids brings up deep cold water rich in nutrients: the variety of marine life abundant in the area is a testament to this.

We often spot orcas, dolphins, porpoises, and seals along with numerous varieties of ocean birds. The magnificent bald eagle is a common sighting, often seen hunting prey caught in the ocean's swift currents. Harbour Seal

Towering fir trees at the water's edge appear to bloom with white flowers... on closer inspection it's clear that these white spots are the white feathered heads of the bald eagle, waiting as the spectacular tidal currents bring hake – small deep-swimming fish – to the surface for a feast. And for spectators and photographers, it's a feast for the eyes as well, when literally hundreds of eagles dive from the treetops to scoop up the hake.

Ocean flow through the Discovery Islands archipelago creates upswelling of deep bottom water as extreme tidal currents push between the many islands. dolphins play in the tour boat wakeUpswelling churns up water rich in life, feeding the food chain from the bottom up and making this a very dynamic and exciting place for wildlife viewing.

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