History of the Heriot Bay Inn

The Heriot Bay Inn was established in about 1895 by Hosea Arminis Bull overlooking Heriot Bay on Quadra Island. This building burned down and was subsequently rebuilt in 1912. In addition to its 19 sleeping rooms, the newly built hotel boasted a large office where travelers gathered around the fireplace to socialize and tell stories, an upstairs dance hall, and an aviary of rare canaries.

Mr. Hosea Bull sold the Inn in 1926, two years after his wife’s passing. It changed hands again in 1943 and was renovated by these new owners. Renovations have continued to update the Inn; the sleeping rooms all received their own bathrooms in 1986. (As a result, the Inn’s rooms are quite cozy).

Today, you’ll still find much of the original historic 1912 structure… The warm wood paneling and single-pane windows found in the office & lounge are a few of the historic clues. The main wing of Mr. Hosea Bull’s original Inn is now the lounge, office, and lobby. The wing with the gift shop was turned 90 degrees in 1943 and attached to the main wing, creating an L-shaped structure.

Heriot Bay Hotel - Historic Photo from 1912

Heriot Bay Hotel, 1912