We’re Locally Owned!

Community Custodial Concepts Group, 2016

Community Custodial Concepts Group, 2016

The Heriot Bay Inn was purchased November 1, 2008 by a group of local visionaries. This group refers to itself as “community custodians”. There are 19 Custodians: business-minded old hippies and folks with a peace-loving attitude that are interested in building and running a business which is successful financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Why “custodians”? In the words of general manager and custodian Lois Taylor, “because there is a larger force than us in the history of the property. We understand this part of our community needs to be cared for, not through a sense of ownership, but rather like that of an heirloom to future generations.”
The custodians mandate: keep this historic place alive and prosperous for ourselves, for our community and for our grandchildren’s children.

The vision for the hotel is simple: keep it local; to achieve the full potential of the Heriot Bay Inn with a made-on-Quadra maintenance, management and development program.

The Custodians provide economic and analytical diversity similar to Quadra Island as a whole. This allows the group to cooperatively implement their vision. The concept has proven successful in the first decade of cultivating this enterprise. A variety of entertainment and events through the island’s four seasons brings life to the Inn in all seasons for all people.

We invite all to share in and enjoy our dream. We’re here, we’re real and we’re ready to enjoy all the adventures that come our way!