Kayaking in the waters around Quadra Island and Heriot Bay caters to a wide range of experience levels, from beginners enjoying the calm, scenic shorelines to advanced paddlers seeking the thrill of challenging waters. Novices can explore the sheltered bay areas, where gentle waves and stunning coastal views offer a perfect introduction to the sport. Intermediate kayakers can venture further, navigating moderate currents and exploring nearby islands, honing their skills in a more dynamic environment. For seasoned kayakers, the infamous standing wave at Surge Narrows, where powerful tidal currents create a stationary wave that demands precise control, strength, and advanced techniques. This diverse range of conditions makes Heriot Bay a versatile and exciting destination for kayakers of all skill levels to launch.

Kayaking around Quadra Island offers an exhilarating experience, but it requires a strong commitment to safety due to the area’s dynamic marine environment. Paddlers must be aware of swift tidal currents, particularly in the waters. Knowing tide tables and checking weather forecasts before setting out is crucial, conditions can change rapidly, creating challenging situations even for expert kayakers. Wearing a well-fitted life jacket, carrying a marine radio, and having a plan for emergency situations are essential safety measures. Additionally, kayakers should always paddle with a buddy and inform someone onshore about their route and expected return time.

Discovery Islands shoreline
Sea lions sunning on rocks

Kayaking Tours & Rentals

There are many Kayaking companies based on Quadra Island to fulfill all your guided paddling dreams. A few of the favourites are:

Quadra Island Kayaks Sunset Tours – For those looking to experience the magic of Heriot Bay in a different light, these guided tours provide a unique opportunity to paddle the calm evening waters while the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors. This serene and visually captivating experience is perfect for couples, families, or solo travelers looking to end their day with a peaceful and memorable paddle.

Spirit of the West’s Desolation Sound multi day trip is perfect for families 12years and up, they know how to balance your dream vacation with the needs of this vibrant ecosystem — let them help you find your perfect adventure.

Wildcoast Adventures offers Custom Trips for Group – Have a group of four or more with added fitness levels who love guided kayak trips to more remote destinations? Their guides are experts at planning everything from the tasty menu to the transportation logistics so that you can sit back and enjoy your vacation time with your friends.

Kayaking up to the Heriot Bay Inn campground

After a day of paddling and exploration, you’ll likely find yourself craving a cozy bed and hearty meal. Paddle up to the Heriot Bay Inn! Here, you’ll find Herons Restaurant and the HBI Pub, both offering delightful outdoor dining areas overlooking the bay, providing stunning views as you dine and watch the sunset from the shore. Spend a night at the Inn or park your kayak in our campground right on the water’s edge. It’s the perfect pit stop with all the amenities to gear up for your next adventure!